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Battambang Province (Last stronghold of the Khmer Rouge,.near Thai border).A group of families, very poor, who received food assitance during the terrible flooding of fall, 2011.  Most had fled to nearby Thailand during the war, returning in 1993.  This vulnerable group is landless and work as laborers in the nearby fields.  Their homes are protected by a tenuous dam, which was shored up during the floods by local monks and police.  Still, the flooding was so bad that, for two.months,  most of the families fled to a local Pagoda to sleep. If the.dam had broken, it would have destroyed their homes, so they were afraid to sleep there in the dark. The floods also destroyed the.nearby rice fields which provided work for these families.  So most of.the able-bodied returned to Thailand to work, leaving only the old and the very young  behind.  CWS partner RDA provided enough rice to see the families through for a month. Boy holding cat is Phuong (11)